GMEDI began in 1987 as a construction company working on sub-contracts from larger and older companies in the industry. It quickly gained a reputation for solid and dependable performance and, in time, achieved Triple A status as a full-fledged Contractor.

In 2003, GMEDI ventured into real estate and housing development. It started with pocket-sized developments consisting of a dozen to 30 houses in each project,

mostly within the cities of Pasay, Quezon, Pasig and nearby towns and cities of Rizal Province.

Since then, GMEDI has grown into a multi-million company that has produced and sold more than a thousand houses in the upper low-cost and middle income Categories.

GMEDI is now among the fastest-growing and highly respected housing and real estate development companies in the country. It is an active member of some of the largest and best-known associations of professionals and business corporations in the Philippines today.


GMEDI aspires to be a leading developer of quality real estate properties at par with global standards that provide better and more affordable homes and structures in well-planned communities for our modern client families.


GMEDI is committed to the pursuit of excellence in our business of designing and building better and more affordable homes and communities, through dependable, honest, and competent service to our clients, through our professional workforce who value continuous education and training and through the practice of corporate social responsibility towards the State, our industry, and our people.

Grand Monaco Estate Developers, Inc.